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Google AdSense is an program that terms of use are simple, which means that even a new website can monetize your website or blog. There are many display options available, some of which can be customized as appearances. And the feel of your website make money in trendyoo.

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When Google reaches the threshold of $100.1, direct deposits will be paid monthly. However, with YouTube, you need at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours to use Adsense on videos For Make money. However, AdSense also has its shortcomings: Google can close your account immediately, breaking the rules is not very forgiving trendyoo.

Types of Adsense :

ads Google provides different types of ads for your website, including:

Text: Text ads use words Make Money of different sizes, such as ad unit (offer) or link unit (offer list).

Rich media: These are interactive advertising types that can contain HTML, video, and images with Flash video animation. Do a Google search on your website or blog. When the user enters a term and performs a search, the search will open a search results page containing Adsense ads make money.

Unless you earn $100 a month, every time you reach $100, your income will increase and spend. Payment will be made in the next settlement period. Show ads with high click-through rates and other data.

To make money with AdSense To make money with Adsense, the following tips are important to maximize your Adsense revenue: Read and follow Google policies: Webmasters must follow Google Webmaster Guidelines and Adsense program policies. Do not click on your own ads or ask others to click on them.

The Adsense traffic program violated the rules. Follow the rules, so make sure you follow them.

The wonderful content that the audience will read-by providing flexible content meaning and high-quality traffic to your blog or website, you will ultimately profit from Adsense or other monetization methods..Also, please make sure you are using responsive ads so that Google can serve ads of the correct size on the mobile devices displayed on your website make money.

Test ad types and placements to find the best-selling ad placements-start with the standard size (300 x 250, 728). ×90 and 160×600) and adjust the size to see if one size generates more clicks than the other.. Make full use of them to make the most of them. You will see a part of the page in the upper half of the page, and you can view it without scrolling. There is a ranking screen below the title/logo. Do not place ads at the top of the page next to the top of the logo make money.

More Adsense Tips

After placing ads on your website, you must ensure that you get the most benefit from the Adsense program to make money.

When you are ready to increase your Adsense

Keep the following other tips in mind:

Experiment-you can test ads through Adsense A/B-try out links and border colors-if your colors match the theme, you should consider making changes to check if they affect you the result of. Enable placement targeting-Allow advertisers to choose where they want their ads to appear.

  • Custom custom channels: This will give you a better understanding of effective and ineffective methods. Dealing with competitors or problematic advertisements. When you provide products or services on your website, you may find that some of the ads Google puts are from competitors. You may see ads that are not entirely legal or offend your market.
  • To prevent these offers from appearing on your website, you can use Google Adsense to block up to 200 URLs from appearing on your website. The problem of blocking URLs is twofold. Before you see the ads, you don’t know what they show on the site. Since you cannot click on your own link (to get the URL), please be careful to prevent the URL from being blocked.
  • The best way to get a link so that it can be blocked in Adsense is to right-click the link, select “Copy Link Address”, and paste it into a document or a word processing program (such as Notepad). The Google URL is very long, but it contains the URL of the page that the ad is going to. Copy this URL and paste it into your Adsense account where your ads are blocked. Programs other than Adsense.
  • There are many network programs similar to Adsense, such as media. Network and InfoLinks. Some may require flow thresholds. Therefore, you must wait until your website is launched and receive normal traffic before being accepted. Most of them have similar rules as Google, such as B. Limit the number of online ads per page (usually 3) and stop when you click on your own ad.
  • In most cases, you can run multiple ad networks on your website without violating the terms of use.
  • However, you should read the rules of each network in advance. Avoid disrupting your website in advertisements so that readers cannot find your content. Other income options outside of advertising networks Advertising networks (especially Adsense) are a good choice, because as a new blogger or website owner, you can join and it is easy to use. This is not the only way to make money from your website. In fact, if your site’s traffic is increasing, other monetization options may be better. Here are some ideas that can replace or be used in conjunction with advertising networks.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Like advertising networks, membership programs are usually free and easy to add to your website. Sell ​​your own products or services: Build your own products or services instead of promoting other products or services through affiliate marketing. This can bring you considerable profits. … more money.
  • This is especially true for creating and selling cheap information products or online courses. Other options are e-books and freelance services.
  • Guidance or advice: As an expert on your subject, you can provide others with help that goes beyond the information you provide on your website or blog.
  • You can provide deeper help through coaching or sponsorship advice: if you get a lot of traffic and influence your audience, other companies will sponsor your website.
  • Your entire website, a page or a post. As you can see, there are many ways to make money from a website or blog. However, many people need a lot of traffic to make money .
  • Here, AdSense is a great choice to start making money. You don’t need to create anything. You can join when you start building a blog or website. It is free, and you can easily add ad code to your website.
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