Easy to Get Google Analytics Own High Traffics With in 2020


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Best Way To Easy Google Analytics Get High Traffics.

For any website, there is no use in Google Analytics to track Own Page views. Rather, it causes confusing to estimate site traffic. So it is better that we filter our own views with Google Analytics. In today’s article, we will tell you about how you can filter Internal Traffic (Admin, Preview and Own IP Address etc.).Google Analytics on trendyoo.

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Tracking your own WordPress page views in Google Analytics leads to data integrity problems. Especially for websites that have only a few hundred visitors per month Google Analytics.

This makes it difficult to estimate the amount of high traffic coming to the website correctly. Google AnalyticsTo fix this problem we will only need to create some filters in Google Analytics.

How to create an account on Google Analytics for your blog?
So let’s know how to block, Exclude, Remove or Filter WordPress Preview Traffic, wp-admin, own IP Addresses IPv4 and IPv6 in Google analytics?

How to Filter WordPress Post Preview in Google Analytics?

First we will learn about filtering WordPress posts and page previews. For this, you create analytics filter as follows Google Analytics.

First go to your Google Analytics dashboard, now select the property in which to create the filter and click on Admin (with gear icon).

After that click on Filter in the views (Create View) section and follow the following steps to set up the filter Google Analytics.

Then type Filter Name and select Custom in Filter type.
Here in the Exclude section, in Google Analytics the Filter field, select Request URI.
Write “preview = true” in the filter pattern and save the setting.

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How to Filter Your Own Page views in Google Analytics?

To intercept internal traffic with Google Analytics, we have to setup filters to block wp-admin, preview and Home IP address.

You can exclude internal Google Analytics traffic by creating the following 3 filters.

Preview filter: WordPress Post, to filter Pages views
wp-admin: to filter WordPress Admin Pages
Home IP Address: To reverse your own IP address Google Analytics
Here you are providing step by step with screenshot information in different sections to filter these three types of Google Analytics traffic.


How to Filter Own IP Address in Google Analytics?

Now we have to create a filter to exclude our IP addresses in analytics which is slightly different from the earlier filters but is very easy Google Analytics.

For this follow the following steps.

Type the name in the Filter Name box and select Predefined in Filter Type.
Then select Request URI in the Filter field in the Exclude section.
Write “wp-admin” in the Filter Pattern and save the setting Google Analytics.
Now select Exclude, traffic from IP Address and that are equal to.
After that enter the IP address and save the setting Google Analytics.

 Google Analytics

In this way you can exclude Own Traffic from an analytics account. Now your own views will not count in the site traffic performance report in your analytics account.

Note: – To find your own IP address, search in Google by typing “What is My IP”, you will get your IP address. like,

Now you have completed filtering. If you want, you can remove other IPs like spam, bad ip addresses in the same way Google Analytics.

This filter will now exclude any admin page views of your WordPress website so that you can ensure data integrity and evaluate the traffic you collect to make data-driven decisions Google Analytics.

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Friends, this was today’s post in which I told you How to Short High Google Analytics Traffic with Google Analytics in 2020 ?. You can, if you liked this post, then definitely share it with your friends on social media. Thank you!

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